We now offer a monogramming service whereby most bags and small leather goods can be embossed with initials, words or even small phrases to make your purchase personal and unique.  

This service is complimentary up to 6 characters, an additional charge of £25 is applicable for longer words or phrases.

Please write the word “monogramming” in the gift box at check-out and your chosen initials or word you want embossed as well as your choice of finish (gold foil, silver foil or blind deboss).

 Please email us at customerservices@millimillu.com if you have any questions. 

Embossing comes in three styles as seen in the images below: 


 Timing & Policy:

 Please allow an additional 2 working days for purchases to be embossed. Please also be aware that items that have been embossed cannot be refunded or exchanged. For in-store embossing service at our London studio-store, please be advised that that an additional 30 / 45 minutes will be required for this service. 


Embossing Specifications:

 Embossing can be done on most small leather goods & handbag cross body straps. Please be aware that the number of characters on some styles are restricted due to the size & shape of the product. To see where initials will be positioned on your chosen style, please see the product page, this is for indication purposes only and may have slight differences on your purchased product. 


Characters & Font:

 The available characters to choose from are those from the Latin alphabet (A - Z, capital and lower case letters and one full stop), Numbers, as well as a heart and an ampersand (&). The font used is displayed in the images on this page:

 All letters are evenly spaced unless requested otherwise as they come on individual letter blocks. However some letters may appear to have less even spaces (due to the shape of some letters containing angles and curves). Capital letters are approximately 6mm in height.


Style Exemption

Unfortunately due to size, design and leather, some of our products cannot be embossed. Please see below for a list of the styles that are exempt from personalised embossing:

Midi Zurich, Zurich, Stockholm, Phoenix, Kyoto

Products in large grained or crackled bronze leathers


Terms & Conditions:

We try our best to ensure the embossing looks as well spaced and aligned as possible to your specifications, please see below the terms & conditions of the service:

 1. Embossed products are those that have been personalised/customised/tailored to your specifications. These products (when delivered as described and in good condition) cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned after the order has been placed.

 2. Please be aware that the number of characters to be embossed on some styles are restricted due to the size and shape of the product.

 3. The images of embossed items displayed on the website are for indication purposes and may differ slightly in your purchased product.

 4. The customer is held responsible for any customer generated mistakes:

-Wrong selection of embossing style or colour

-Typographical errors in spelling 

 5. Please note, that due to the textured surface of our grained leathers, saffiano, suede, mock croc, small breaks may appear in the foil stamping.

 6. Both pale gold and silver foil stamping may fade with age or when rubbed against other surfaces.

 7. When confirming your bespoke order, please verify carefully each detail to avoid any of the issues stated above.


 We are excited to announce the launch of Milli Millu Bespoke, a personalised service which allows you the freedom to customise your Milli Millu bag. With 60 colours to choose from in four types of leather and an array of handle lengths there is little you can’t do to your favourite Milli Millu bag. The monogramming service is complimentary on orders over RRP + £150 adding that extra special touch. 

You can customise a selection of our styles in the following areas:

- Leathers used: grain calf leather, smooth calf leather, calf hair and suede

- Colours: Multiple colours to choose from for each of the leather types

- Handle and cross body strap:  length

- Personalised monograming

Ever wished The Zurich came in navy blue? Ever dreamed of The Berlin in shades of green? Now you can. The wide range of colours and textures allow you to create something incredibly unique, whilst the ability to customise handle lengths means you get the perfect fit. 

Prices vary depending on the the leathers used and the level of customisation. Please note that only some styles are customisable.  For enquiries and quotes please contact The Milli Millu team at customerservices@millimillu.com. The service is available both in person at our London Studio-Store and over email. 

Prices upon request