Tips that can help you become a master seducer on sex apps in ZA

It is known that men are usually the subjects of discussion when it comes to seduction. Generally, women are selective, so before you see a woman seducing a man, the man must have had certain uncommon features. So, men are usually faced with the challenge of seducing who they really want to go after on apps for free sex in ZA.

It is a common belief of many people in South Africa that if you haven’t touched a partner, then you have not initiated any seduction, which may probably lead to eventual sexual pleasure. But essentially, seduction does not necessarily imply sex neither does it guarantee that you will likely find your way into your partner in a very hot sexual session after you have lit up the seduction.

On sex apps, you must sure know that the likelihood of you meeting your partner in person depends on the tactics and format adopted to seduce her.

To be master seducer, it requires certain steps which I am going to divide into stages:

The initialization stage

Manner of approach 

The very first thing to always take into consideration is the manner of approach. How you approach him/her says a lot about your personality, and you must be able to go in, in a friendly manner. At first, desist from making your true intentions known to partner and just try and act cool.


Be sure you’re not the only one revving up the dreamy girl or charming boy on the internet, so you need to create a room for attention and ensure you are the only cynosure of his/her eyes. You must be able to do everything to get his/her attention, by constantly checking her up and being friendly at all times.

The sophomore stage

Be conversational

When I say you must be conversational, I don’t mean you have to become a grammarian to seduce a lady or a man on sex apps. You must, although be eloquent enough to achieve your aim, but you don’t have to reel big words at him or her.  A method like such could kill your ambition quickly and you may even lose the person you’re hanging on to seduce.

Throw little jokes randomly 

While it may be somewhat boring to continue the conversation long, some jokes could make it lit and help your ambition over the lady or guy.  It’s q sift way to get into such person. However, when the jokes come more and more, your partner may get bored easily, so you ensure that the jokes come in once in a while in your conversation.

The Final stage 


This is very important to note. Calling your partner her real name doesn’t sound any romantic. But when you find a romantic name for him or her, it will definitely give her or him a sense of belonging. It will make her feel soft and appreciated, so it will be so much easier to seduce her.

Don’t shoot a text of your nude and don’t ask for hers

You must be aware that you’re not the only one using online dating and shooting arrows to get that dreamy and sexy girl, there are several other guys out there wanting her. In that wise, you must devise a means of ensuring you’re different from all other guys out there. Many guys make the mistake of shooting their nudes at ladies, just because they get turned on during conversation. The idea is bad, unless the girl asks for it. Shooting it at her without a request might irritate her, and certainly, not every girl likes her.

Keep it cool with her and let her trust you. There are other guys out there asking for her nudes, and she probably doesn’t feel safe in their hands. But if you don’t follow the trend, she trusts you more. And from there, you’re good to tactically unleash your plan on her. (More dating tipps for South Africa here)

Sex Dating: Expectations vs. Reality

Sex dating is everyone’s dream. It is part of the fantasies we do have in our heads with the opposite sex. It also part of the natural things we get involved with that makes the world goes round. However, Sex dating with apps at the perfect age is fascinating when you have little responsibilities and curfew which imply much time to meet up with friends and hang out with that cutie that exactly lives two floors above you in your neighborhood (website to find dates:

At this point in time, you are at an adventurous and daring point in your life, so it’s expected that your romantic vibes is filled with flirty gazes and sex dates. Furthermore, by the time you truly get into the sex dating to cure your fantasies in reality, you’d noticed that it’s not as interesting as it is in reality. Below are some of disappointing circumstances you may have to deal with when reality struck on your sex dating expectation.

Expectation Vs Reality

  1. Expectation: You receiving chocolates, jewelry, flowers and surprises from him on your usual first date because he cannot stop thinking about your ass.

Reality: You receiving a hot text at 2’0 clock in the morning because he can’t stop drinking about you with his friends (funny but true).

  1. Expectation: Jumping on each other immediately his door apartment shuts off putting your sex date on a hot night sex that would have put Angelina and Brad to shame.

Reality: Ineptly waiting for his roommate to leave the apartment for you both and you sooner or later fall asleep to the musical album of Celine Dion playing in the background.

  1. Expectation: Cruising downtown in his Buggati to the most up-to-date musical live play venue on a Saturday evening because he purchased two tickets to see your much revered musical band performance on stage.

Reality: Taking a walk down mile to the nearby McDonald’s because your date mate is poor and hungry, even without a car as the public transportation isn’t as reliable.

  1. Expectation: Telling your roomies how super cutie your imaginary perfect new mate is and looking for ways on how to hook them up with his male friends too.

Reality: Getting to find out that all the girls your new guy’s friend has hooked up with in the past complained about dishonesty and heart break of his friends.

  1.  Expectation: You both got that tipsy flash somewhere in your head and in the middle of the date, you get to look at each other and smiled, you both have resolve in your head how you’re going to make out the best sex ever that night when you leave.

Reality: When you both have that tipsy moment in the middle of your date and you asked yourself, “How can I wrap up this emotion without looking like a flirt?”

  1. Expectation:  She made it clear to you that she would make out time for you both on Sunday noon, he came and give you steamy French kiss and ask you pull off your boxers.

Reality: She refused to pick your call when it is time for her to show up on Saturday as promised.

First Date Tips for Women: What Men Find Sexy

First date can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. There is the possibility of something incredible to bloom out of it, at the same time there is also some horrific fear that will go down the spine of those involved in it too. Both men and women feel the same shiver of their first date.

Often times, first dates usually determine if your union will advance to a second meeting or not.  Due to this, both parties will strive to leave a mark of good first date impression of themselves. They will go beyond their limit to look best, put on best smile, put on best behavior and so on. The following are some of the attributes of what men find sexy on a first date with women:

Mind your punctuality

In a first date encounter, first impression means a whole lot and the most important thing anyone would notice on a first date is your promptness to their invitation. Whether you’re picking one another up or meeting somewhere; keeping to time on a first date outing is one of the first impression anyone would notice about you.  

When she stays off her phone, It rings a bell that she is so interested

Men are most likely to asking you for a second date when they discover your personality to be full of life. In the time of your meet, if you could leave your phone aside for some minutes to honor your date; it’ll go a long way for him to get interested in you the more.

The Way She Treats Others Tells A Whole Lot About Her

No one whether rich or poor enjoy being around those that are obnoxious and rude at the same time. They’re some few less attractive behaviors that put men off their potential suitors – being rude to others top such list, and especially when it comes to the waiters; the way you act towards them matter a lot.

Girls Who Smile A Lot Shows Good Personality 

Smiling habitually used to attribute being on comfortable and happy mood, all of which when you put in on, it makes your date lively and as such rings a bell that you’re having a nice outing. When you put on great smile on your first date, it’ll signal to your partner that you’re enjoying his company and which mostly help boost his confidence level for you. Smiling portrays that you’ll l agree to go on a second date with him which is an extra confidence booster for your partner.