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How to Dress on a First Date – General Recommendation for NZ

Truth being told, first date can be intimidating and most times not easy to decide on the kind of outfit to put on. When you invest more extra time in getting prepared, you will be sure of getting safe in choosing the ideal outfit for your special outing. First impressions matters a lot, and you should make it all good by having more stress-free attitude and wardrobe skills. This article will point out good dress sense to up your game for your first date;

Pick an Outfit that fit your style 

First date can be daunting and you do not want to make it even scarier by putting on something that could make you feel less comfortable. You’ll be most at ease and happier if you put on a dress that you so feel confident in. Choosing an outfit that portrays one’s quality is the key. Everyone enjoys looking best on their style for their first date, the attention you get when you’re on the best clothing’s will be mind blowing , don’t dress up as someone else unless maybe you’re going for an Halloween party together. The secret is that the much confident you appear with your dress, the more respect you be given. The best is to put on a dress that reflects your own individual flare and style.

Prepare ahead of your date

While you may be certain or maybe to impress your date, never try to appeal to what you think they like. Make a decision about the kind of hairstyle you think its fine and practice it before that day. Though it depends on the date you’re having. Put into practice the hair style in a few days ahead of your date to be sure your hair goes with your potential date dress. You do not want to get caught in the middle scrambling around with multifaceted colors that looks awry on you. If you had planned to put on makeup, make sure you try out and see if the intended look well on you before the real day.

Avoid Too Much Perfume

It’s good to put on nice perfume on your date but it is advisable to avoid too much of it, whether perfume or cologne. This is because your date may be sensitive to sprays and scents; too much scent of spray can be distracting. You may apply few sprays to make you smell nice. However, you may ask your date before the date if you think they will be sensitive to sprays, you may say “would it be cool with you if I put on some nice perfume to our date?”

Truth is deodorant is good when going on a date, it makes you scent so nice and charming, but be careful not to exceed the limit particularly if it’s a fragrance.

Decide the date you’re going and dress as such

There is a difference between the ways we dress for casual date or a date where you are looking for a partner for a serious relationship; the dress sense differs from one another. To start with, Make sure you find out what the date is all about, whether it is just a casual sex date or a date where you are scouting for a partner for a serious relationship.

The interesting part is that your dress sense will be much cool for a date that you’ve gotten a prior knowledge of it, so it’s advisable know the kind of date before hand; For a casual sex date, you should know how to dress in fancier and nicer clothes. For a serious relationship date, a t-shirt or jeans are well acceptable for the males and for the female a dinner gown will be cool in New Zealand. You should put on what makes you most comfortable generally but decent because first impression matters on a First date.


Dating apps are becoming more popular and millions of people in India are using the avenue to explore sexual excitement, and find someone they can always share good times with. Aside from the good sides of meeting people, sex-chatting, hooking up and having sexual intercourse with people you meeting dating dating apps, there are many hidden secrets that you probably do not know about the apps. And these secrets are only revealed to professionals who have mastered the art of dating apps beyond an ordinary man’s. Here are 3 secrets you should know about dating apps.

Fake personal information 

One of the mistakes you can ever make in your life is trusting everything you see or you’re told on dating apps. Thousands of hundreds of people using the sites are hiding under the facade of fake identities, and most of what they say aren’t true.

There are some other people that appear as male, and are women in real life. Dating apps, most times, are not so security strict to detect the gender of every member using their platforms. It may also interest you to know that some of the people you see on those apps are displaying their real picture. Some make use of other people’s picture and disguise to be what they are not. In actual fact, you may get to know that the “sexy”, “romantic”, “beautiful” and “chubby” lady who wants free sex, is a skinny, dirty and ugly one in real life. In short, you’re prone to meeting people with fake identities on dating apps.

 Another fake information people display on their profiles is age. A lot of users of the apps use incorrect age in order to attract more people. People who are older than 40 years may input 25 as their age, and it is until you meet them in person that all these fake information become known.


When you meet a new friend on a dating app, and you both are getting along with each other, you will always want to maintain that impression. You will want to be online every time to ensure that the communication doesn’t die any time soon.

Using dating apps require so much commitment, which is translated into addiction after a long time. You must able to be online almost every time to reply messages, talk to newbies and connect to new people. If proper care is not taken, when you become so much addicted to the app, it may result in hindering you from discharging your daily duties.

The precious time spent on these dating apps could have been diverted into doing something more resourceful.

As a matter of figure, reports have revealed that despite the addiction to these apps, only about 5% of users of Tinder, the most popular dating app, was able to make serious relationship after meeting online.


Using a dating app requires some financial requirements. Because of the addiction, you will always want to ensure you have enough mobile data to be online every time and converse with your partner or whoever you’re matched with. Sometimes, the person you’re matched with may so demand to give him or her some money to take care of “some emergencies”. If you’re unlucky to find yourself in such arms, you’ll be spending more than you can imagine. And when you check thoroughly, some of these people demanding for money are using fake identities on the platforms to scam people.

Another thing is the monthly/yearly membership renewal due. Not all of these apps are free to use, many of them are programmed in a way that you have to pay certain bulks of dollars to be able to interact and socialize on the dating apps. While some may ask you to renew membership plan monthly, other may ask for yearly renewal. And if you just find a new lady or an handsome guy you’re marched with, you will want to ensure that the chats continue without any interruption, hence you’re paying to enjoy the services.