First date can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. There is the possibility of something incredible to bloom out of it, at the same time there is also some horrific fear that will go down the spine of those involved in it too. Both men and women feel the same shiver of their first date.

Often times, first dates usually determine if your union will advance to a second meeting or not.  Due to this, both parties will strive to leave a mark of good first date impression of themselves. They will go beyond their limit to look best, put on best smile, put on best behavior and so on. The following are some of the attributes of what men find sexy on a first date with women:

Mind your punctuality

In a first date encounter, first impression means a whole lot and the most important thing anyone would notice on a first date is your promptness to their invitation. Whether you’re picking one another up or meeting somewhere; keeping to time on a first date outing is one of the first impression anyone would notice about you.  

When she stays off her phone, It rings a bell that she is so interested

Men are most likely to asking you for a second date when they discover your personality to be full of life. In the time of your meet, if you could leave your phone aside for some minutes to honor your date; it’ll go a long way for him to get interested in you the more.

The Way She Treats Others Tells A Whole Lot About Her

No one whether rich or poor enjoy being around those that are obnoxious and rude at the same time. They’re some few less attractive behaviors that put men off their potential suitors – being rude to others top such list, and especially when it comes to the waiters; the way you act towards them matter a lot.

Girls Who Smile A Lot Shows Good Personality 

Smiling habitually used to attribute being on comfortable and happy mood, all of which when you put in on, it makes your date lively and as such rings a bell that you’re having a nice outing. When you put on great smile on your first date, it’ll signal to your partner that you’re enjoying his company and which mostly help boost his confidence level for you. Smiling portrays that you’ll l agree to go on a second date with him which is an extra confidence booster for your partner.