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3 Real-Life Lessons About Friends With Benefits in Australia

We all have been there. Where is that? You ask. Friends with benefit sort of relationship in one point or the other in life and if you’ve not been there before now, there is a high tendency of you being there in the coming days.  Friends with benefits popularly known as “FWB” are mutual friendship kind of relationship which main purpose of engagement is for fun. So, totally different than a hookup. You can have fun with each other physically and also hang around afterwards without getting emotionally committed and attachment at all.

However, even though everyone craves for things like this, because it looks cool and great, but hey!  It is not that rosy if not properly used, hence your relationship may go south quick with the other person. Below are 3 real-life lessons about friend with benefits to keeping you ahead of your game and to avoiding the trap of allowing your Friend with Benefits relationship becoming an Enemy with No Benefits one:

Do think before you take action

Make sure you really think hard before you go to the next level with someone you’ve been friends with for a short time, Truth is that sex changes everything for most friendship. If your decision is not cautiously planned you may live to regret it later on and even regret doing such act.  Make sure you do discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of your relationship to be sure it’s a thing that would benefit you both.

However, sex is not the most vital act to gain a FWB relationship, friendship first before other things and as well for some reason you could help each other grow financially too.

You should be honest

Because this person is getting intimate with you and at the same time being your friend doesn’t mean you treat them bad, treat them with all honesty. When you’re seeing other people aside your friend with benefit (FWB) relationship, inform them. Nobody loves being hurt and they might get hurt or betrayed if they eventually find out if you’re having fun around with other cuties. Not only being honest with about how you feel emotionally but be honest with them in physical activity too, if you start developing feelings for them, inform them before the feelings become so hot and you get more emotionally involved than the other person.

At such point, if you don’t voice out your feelings the relationships may tend to start getting messy and fall apart eventually.

Do not sex your ex

Often times it does happen that we tend to get down with our sex while still having a FWB relationship. Note this, there is always someone in your life that shouldn’t be a runner for the FWB’s position and that’s your ex. Never allow that. You’re no more friends with your ex, they are your ex – it’s in the past. So to be precise they would be an Ex With Benefit, and while this idea seems nice to you, your ex is an already conquered territory, you’ve slept with them in the past and they can manipulate their way to get rid of your present FWB relationship.

First Date Tips for Men: What Women Find Sexy

Dating at times can reeks of complicated engagement that ranges from what to put on; where to hook up; and how much you may think will be enough, and so on. All these make it a herculean task for you to focus on your date keenly, says Expert “Dating Insider”. In this article, you will find some salient men’s first dating tips that truly work:

1. Your first impression is the key

The way you dress you will be addressed, your dress sense goes a long way for your first date. Remember it’s a date, a meeting point for you to prove your personality, hence its necessary you take it serious.

2. Show confidence

Globally, confidence is a great personality. Don’t be shy on your first date, we you have some shyness make sure you try and get rid of them; and put into practice by talking to random ladies you come across. With time you should be fine.

3. Make sure she get involved in the conversation

 Your first date should be full of life, make sure she get involved in the conversation. Girl like story a lot, tell her some romantic story and if it goes well with her be sure of future opportunities to meet and share cool time together. Do not be scared of the random pauses during your chats, it’s normal and you can rejuvenate your thoughts by asking her some lively date questions. You should listen to her too.  

4. Keep the conversation short and fun

Keeping your conversation short but fun is good, you won’t bore the life out of your date doing this, it’s important you observe her body reaction to see if she is flowing with you or not. You do not want to get involve in some lengthy conversation on why you do not give a fuck about your job, or other life issues.

5. Keep away from your ‘ex’ conversation

This is so important. It makes you look awry to your potential partner. Talking bad about your ex is kind of treacherous. It is best to stay far away from such topic. It is not likely that your date will want to know about you ex relationship, so stay off it.

6. Feedback from your female friend is important

Dating is not a talent we posses from the womb, it’s an act of continuous learning process, and simply put you have to be there to know its gravity. But, if you are looking for ways to improve on your dating skills, why not discuss it to a female friend around you, that way you’ll be able to master the art perfectly.